Visiting the DYC

The Dunkirk Yacht Club monitors VHF channel 16. Our phone number is 716-366-9789

Guest docks are available for members of reciprocating Boat or Yacht Clubs. Any visitor showing proof of membership from a reciprocating boat and/or yacht club shall be provided docking privileges on a space available basis at a rate of $1/ft. of boat length for the first night, with second night free, and any additional nights at the $1/ft. rate.
Guest docks are available for persons on the DYC waiting list. First night is free. Additional nights are $5.00 per night with a maximum of 5 nights per calendar month.

No visitor boat shall be left unattended overnight or longer.

Chart data is at mean low water level (173.5 M – 569.2 FT. for Lake Erie). Historical levels are higher. For current levels refer to NOAA’s Water Level Forecast.

42°29’13.4″N 79°20’28.7″W

DYC is not responsible for the above chart datum